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A review of canadian law of marketing, digital media, advertising and trade-marks

Trade-marks with Healthy Roots

Let’s talk about the recent decision of the Trade-marks Opposition Board, expunging the mark TURF LOGIC for non-use. This case is a great example of the need for brand owners … Continue reading

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Wine Fight – Trade-mark Opposition Case: Vincor (Québec) Inc v A Lassonde Inc.

I am always interested in wine cases (even more so in cases of wine).  So here is an interesting decision of the Trade-marks Opposition Board, which considers the Marks NOBLE … Continue reading

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Graphic Novel Format Explains Law Better than Words

This fascinating brief, written and submitted as a graphic novel, explains the law better than most briefs would in a hundred times the words.   It was the result of … Continue reading

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Case Review – Galaxy Tabs Don’t Infringe iPad – but iPad is Cooler

An interesting decision was rendered recently in a British case regarding whether Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs’ is similar to Apple’s iPad.  The court found that the Tabs are not sufficiently similar … Continue reading

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BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands – Insight into the Major Trends in Global Branding

The highly anticipated list of top 100  world-wide brands was recently announced in Millward Brown’s BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands Study.  More important than just the list, is the analysis and complete … Continue reading

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Wide-angle Lens – How To Draft Strong Trademark Applications and Brands with Breadth

One of the central tenets that trademark agents apply is to ‘go wide’. I don’t mean as in football to get a safe but not so deep play – though … Continue reading

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Overcoming Standard Objections to Trademark Applications in Canada

Many people will register their own marks, which is much like setting your own broken arm – you can do it, but you may run into some problems that can’t … Continue reading

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Trade-marks Sound Bank

The trade-marks office recently started accepting sound marks.  This has been going on in the US for quite some time, but has been refused in Canada until recently since the … Continue reading

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Frequently Asked Startup Questions

I love meeting with entrepreneurs, their passion, energy and guts are inspiring.  Entrepreneurs starting a new business usually have a million questions, lots of uncertainty, and usually no money to … Continue reading

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SCC Copyright Hearing Bonanza

Today I didn’t get as much work done as I had hoped.  While this is a common lament from me, today I had an extra awesome reason – COPYRIGHT SUPREME … Continue reading

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